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Basketball Eye Glasses JH051





Basketball eye glasses adopt PC lens,strong impact resistance,thin and clear,scratch resistance,UV resistance.It can prevent the lens from breaking under high impact outside,more secure.

The frame is also made of PC material.The water-dyed frame keeps the glasses cool and won’t fade in long-term use.In addition,it is effective in preventing the brace from breaking during a fall,reducing the risk of facial injury.

On the side buckle of the mirror frame,soft silica gel is used,which has high elasticity,high strength, soft touch,comfortable wearing,effective protection of the temple effect,and can be easily disassembled,easy to clean.

Our basketball eyeglasses adopt double shock absorption design,silicone nose and eyebrow frame,with non-slip,shock absorption,soft and comfortable characteristics,reduce the damage caused by violent collision,bring you safety protection,and the eyeglasses nose can be detachable,easy to clean.

In addition,high elastic non-slip warhead belt,non-slip comfortable,prevent basketball glasses from sliding freely,effectively play the role of fixed glasses.

basketball eye glasses jh051


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PC Frame + PC Lens