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Camouflage Dirt Bike Riding Goggles MO004-2

Paintball skull motorcycle goggles, comfortable to wear, very cool, protecting your glasses from harm.

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The lenses of camouflage dirt bike riding goggles are made of PC material,and the surface of the lenses have been specially reinforced for many times,with anti-friction and anti-impact characteristics.The lens is curved design,so that the goggles have a wider field of view and see objects more clearly.
At the same time,this goggle lens can be changed,you can change the lens according to different weather,to meet the needs of different scenes.

And dirt bike riding goggles frame material is tpu,frame material is light and tough,wear on the head will not feel very heavy,resistant to falls and twisting.The outer layer of the frame is water-dyed,making the goggles more beautiful.At the same time,the mask and goggles can be easily removed to meet your use in multiple occasions.

The headband of the goggles is a wide double velvet elastic band,so you can wear it on your head without pressure,the velvet band makes the feel more perfect,and the knuckle buckle on the band can adjust the length,suitable for various head shapes.

Motorcycle goggles veneer area using a sponge layer as a cushion,with excellent flexibility,elasticity and breathability,both to cushion the pressure of the goggles on the face,but also to absorb sweat from the face,to enhance the wearing comfort.

camouflage dirt bike riding goggles mo004-2




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TPU Frame +PC Lens