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Basketball Goggle Glasses JH072-1

1. basketball goggle glasses lens using PC material;
2. frame material is PC;
3. nosepiece made of silicone;
4. goggles on both sides of the clasp material is silicone;
5. Adjustable elastic band.


The basketball goggle glasses are made of PC lenses,which offer several advantages,including high impact resistance,scratch resistance,fog resistance and sand resistance.The lens shape is designed to be oval,stylish and beautiful and provides a wide field of vision.

The frame is made of PC material,which is resistant to breakage.The nosepiece part is designed with a lid,which is both beautiful and fashionable.The frame is designed with skeleton holes on both sides to increase internal heat flow and make the goggles clearer.

The nosepiece is made of silicone,which can relieve pressure and make it more comfortable to wear.

Goggles on both sides of the clasp material is silicone,side buckle can be easily removed,and can be bent at will without breaking.At the same time,the face will not feel discomfort when close.

In addition,the goggles also have an adjustable elastic band,you can adjust the length of the band according to the size of the head,suitable for different sizes of head.


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PC Frame + PC Lens