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Basketball Goggles For Youth JH823

1. using PC high impact resistant lenses;
2. the frame is made of PC with curved lines design;
3. the veneer area and nosepiece are covered with soft silicone and are not removable
4. The elastic band is adjustable and removable.


The lenses of basketball goggles for youth are PC high-impact lenses that are anti-fog,anti-strike and anti-burst,providing excellent protection for your eye safety.The lenses are easily removable,making it easy to replace near vision lenses and extend the life of your glasses.

The frame of the basketball glasses is made of PC material,which has high impact,anti-breakage and anti-scratch properties.The curved line design of the frame adds a linear curved curve highlighting the elegance and fashion of basketball glasses, making you stand out on the court.

The veneer area and nose bridge of the basketball glasses are covered with soft silicone to enhance comfort.The silicone is designed with air-guiding holes that promote internal air flow and ensure a comfortable wearing experience.Please note that the silicone nosepiece and brow bar are not removable,which provides you with security and stability.

These glasses are equipped with an elastic band with soft silicone buckles on both sides of the elastic band.The thick buckles of soft silicone securely fasten to the frame,ensuring a secure and reliable fit.The buckle design includes three holes to facilitate air flow and improve comfort during intense play.The soft silicone buckle is not only non-slip and impact resistant,but also removable for easy cleaning and maintenance
Also,the elastic band is adjustable so you can easily adjust the wearing elasticity according to your head size.This allows for a personalized and secure fit.In addition,the elastic band can be adjusted and removed as needed for convenience and flexibility.

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