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Basketball Safety Glasses JH036





Basketball safety glasses are made of PC explosion-proof lenses,which will not break even if it is impacted by the outside world,and anti-fog technology is added.When the lens is heated, the lens will not fog and will not accumulate water dew.

The frame is made of PC,durable and corrosion-resistant, and not easy to break,and the curved surface is fitted and encircling design,the long belt is not easy to slip, comfortable to wear.

In addition,this basketball safety glasses is equipped with a detachable button at the mirror leg,which can be changed freely and easily.You can either use the same type of PC material or use the high elasticity and soft glue with adjustable buckle to meet your needs in different occasions.

On the nose pad and flanking,choose soft,detachable silicone,which can effectively cushion the pressure of the glasses and make them more secure on the head.

basketball safety glasses jh036



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