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Basketball Sports Eyewear JH060

Application: basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball, squash, racquetball, badminton
Supply Capability: We have an on-hand inventory to meet small order demands.
Delivery Time: For in-stock items: 3-15 days; for customized orders: 15-35 days, depending on the quantity.
Wholesale Price: Determined based on the purchase quantity.
Minimum Order Quantity for Customization: Starts at 300 pieces, with a minimum of 100 pieces per model.
Standard Packaging: OPP bag + white inner box + outer carton.
Customization Services: OEM and ODM support available.
Provision of Mold and Sample Production Services: Yes.
Distributor or Agent Program: Yes.


Experience enhanced eye safety and clarity with our basketball eyewear featuring a PC lens—a sport-reinforced, hardened lens. It boasts high resistance, crush-proof capabilities, and an anti-fog feature to maintain a consistently clear and unobstructed vision, ensuring the safety of your eyes during the game.

The eyewear comes with a removable buffer nose pad, providing easy cleaning with no residual odor. The widened protective layer enhances air permeability and buffering for added comfort.

Designed with vents on both sides of the lens, our basketball eyewear facilitates accelerated airflow, reducing fogging and ensuring optimal visibility. Additionally, the removable silicone buckle on the side of the goggles is collapsible and soft, with a moderate thickness. This design avoids squeezing the temples, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during wear.

The glasses feature an adjustable elastic band, providing flexibility to accommodate different head sizes. Tailor the fit to your liking, ensuring comfort for users of all ages and sizes. Elevate your game with our basketball eyewear—engineered for safety, comfort, and optimal performance.

basketball sports eyewear jh060


Available Colors + Customization Requests




PC Frame + PC Lens+Silicone Nosepiece


14.8*4.8*5cm(Adult Size), Kids Size Need to be Customized