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Prescription Basketball Goggles JH042

1. using PC high-impact anti-fog lens;
2. Frame material is PC;
3. built-in nearsighted lens card slot;
4. soft silicone full coverage at the veneer area and nosepiece;
5. elastic band side buckle using soft silicone;
6. Elastic band is flexible, adjustable and removable.


The lenses of these prescription basketball goggles are made of high quality PC material with certain anti-shock,anti-fog and durability,and both lenses can be easily removed for your replacement,which can extend the life of your glasses.In addition,these glasses set up near-sighted lens slot can be installed near-sighted lens,in order to fit near-sighted people use.If you do not need when you can remove the slot,does not affect your normal use of basketball goggles.

The frame of the basketball glasses is made of durable PC material,which has good impact resistance and durability.There are vents designed on both sides of the frame,which facilitate internal air circulation and accelerate the flow of warm air while wearing.This helps reduce fogging conditions and allows you to maintain a clear view during intense competition.

In addition,the veneer area and nosepiece are fully covered with soft silicone to improve comfort and protection.The soft,high-quality silicone effectively cushions the pressure of the goggles on the face,ensuring comfort while wearing them.However,the silicone is not removable,increasing the overall safety of the glasses.

And the glasses are equipped with soft silicone side buckles on both sides of the elastic band.These buckles serve a dual purpose: to protect the eyes from foreign objects entering from the sides and to effectively prevent the glasses from sliding during vigorous exercise.The soft silicone material ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

Finally,the elastic band is designed to be flexible and can be easily adjusted to achieve a personalized fit when worn.The strap is also removable,providing flexibility for use and easy access for you to clean regularly,while our basketball goggle glasses elastic can be imprinted with your logo for branding purposes!

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