JL Sportglasses

Basketball sports glasses with PC high resistance anti – fog lens.When the lens hits hot air,it doesn’t fog.Anti-fog effect is good,but also can play the role of explosion-proof.

The frame of basketball goggles is also made of PC material,which is light in weight,resistant to attack and not easy to break,so as to better protect the glasses from accidental damage.

The nose pads and flanks of the goggles are made of soft silicone,which makes them soft and comfortable to wear.The sides are breathable,allowing the heat from exercise to dissipate quickly. In addition,the nose pad and side guard are removable,making it easy to change colors.

For the headwear of basketball glasses,we use a detachable design,can freely adjust the tightness,suitable for a variety of headwear,removable removable,easy to change the headband.

Sports Glasses for Basketball DH01


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PC Frame + PC Lens