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Anti Fog Dirt Bike Racing Goggles MO005

1. Lenses are made of high quality PC materials;
2. TPU soft frame, light and flexible material;
3. The upper and lower parts of the frame are aerodynamic design;
4. Using environmental protection soft sponge layer, soft texture;
5. Choose super wide elastic band for headband.

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Dirt bike racing goggles lenses are made of high-quality PC materials,and the surface is specially strengthened,which not only has the anti friction effect,but also can prevent ultraviolet rays,cracks and high resistance.In addition,the curved design of the lens makes the vision more open and clear.

goggles use tpu soft frame.The frame material is light and flexible.It can be twisted and folded at will without heavy feeling.It is resistant to falling and is not easy to damage.The upper and lower parts of the frame are water dyed inlays,which make the front and back goggles more beautiful and cool,and easily change other colors.

The upper back of the goggles is aerodynamically designed to maximize the smoothness of the air and let you breathe more smoothly.

The Dirt bike racing goggle facing area adopts an environment-friendly soft sponge layer,which is soft and highly elastic.The headband can be solid color or water dyed,which is beautiful and more comfortable to wear.

In addition,this Ultra wide elastic band and high-quality elastic headband are selected for eye protection lens belt.The mirror band can be adjusted freely to effectively fit the frame and face closely.

anti fog dirt bike racing goggles mo005


TPU Frame +PC Lens




TPU Frame + PC Lens