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Dirt Bike Riding Goggles PG002

1.PC material lens,anti-scratch,anti-fog,anti-ultraviolet,anti-wind sand;
2.TPU high-quality water dyed frames,high resistance,not easy to break,buffer pressure;
3.Adjustable anti-slip high elastic 45mm broadband,comfortable to wear,stable and firm;
4.Injection molding headband double buckle:maintain balance,fast replacement headband;
5.3 Layer breathable soft sponge layer,cushion pressure,absorb sweat,wear comfortable;
6.Nose pad detachable;Make sure the nose is secure and easy to remove.

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The dirt bike riding goggles are made of PC lenses with advanced scratch resistance,anti-fog coating,UV protection,resistance to resistance to ensure that your eyes are not damaged,so that you can ride safely in any weather conditions.

The goggles TPU frame is free to bend,lightweight and durable,and the engineered frame design increases the view and provides open and open visual effects.At the same time,it provides you with maximum flexibility and durability,and is comfortable to wear for a long time.

With dirt bike goggles we also come equipped with a breathable soft sponge layer that absorbs sweat and provides comfortable comfort.The sponge layer helps keep your eyes dry and clear even on the most intense rides.

The adjustable oversized non-slip headband ensures that the goggles remain in a secure position,and the headband is designed with a snap so that you can quickly remove the headband for replacement and cleaning.It can also be used in off-road helmets.Meanwhile,the wide band allows the goggles to be firmly attached to the helmet and adjusted to your preferred tightness.

At the same time,we can print our own brand logo or other pictures on the headband to make the goggles more cool and stylish.

In addition,our goggles come with a detachable nose rest to protect your nose from injury when off-road riding outdoors.In daily riding,we can remove the nose brackets,so that you can breathe more smoothly and comfortably,and we can also provide customized services for you,according to your needs of different colors or colors of nose brackets.

Suitable for motorsports enthusiasts:off-road vehicles,motorcycles,motocross goggles,racing,mountain bike riding,cross-country,and other outdoor cycling sports.

For this kind of goggles,we provide customized service.You can customize lenses of different colors and thicknesses,as well as frames,headbands,nose pads and sponge layers according to your preferences.Welcome to leave a message for consultation.

Dirt Bike Riding Goggles PG002


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors