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Mens Dirt Bike Goggles PG003-1

1. PC lens ,high resistance,not easy to break,anti-fog,anti-UV;
2. 170° arc lens,wide field of vision;
3. TPU frame:Good toughness;
4. Non-slip high elastic 45mm broadband,stable and firm;
5. Injection molding headband double buckle:safety goggles more stable.

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The lens of the mens dirt bike goggles is made of PC material,it is very durable,not easy to break,and sand,and it also provides excellent UV protection effect,protect your eyes from harmful light.
The goggles lenses can be treated with an anti-fog coating process,allowing you to ride in different environments,and the lenses will not fog,ensuring that your vision is clear and unobstructed.The lenses are also scratch-resistant and easy to clean,so you can maintain their clarity and visibility for a long time.

To ensure maximum comfort,our dirt bike goggles come with a soft,breathable layer of sponge.The sponge layer also absorbs sweat,preventing it from getting into your eyes and causing irritation.With our goggles on,you can focus on the game without any distractions.

The headband of our motocross goggles is non-slip and adjustable,so that it is suitable for different head sizes of different users,at the same time,you can customize different sizes,colors and colors of the headband,it can meet your wearing needs,but also make your goggles look more cool and fashionable.45mm ensures that the goggles are firmly attached to your head or helmet.

In addition,the headband can be removed quickly for easy cleaning and maintenance.On the front side of the headband,we use the bar logo to add details,making the motorcycles goggles more fashionable,cool and beautiful.

All in all,our mens dirt bike goggles are the perfect combination of protection and comfort.High tolerance,not easy to break TPU frame material,UV protection,clear vision PC lens,soft breathable sponge layer,make you safe and comfortable every ride.The adjustable headband and quick-release design also make it easy to use and maintain,making it the perfect choice for motocross racers at all levels.

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Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors