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Motocross Helmet Face Mask MO006-1

1. TPU frame can be bent to 90 °;
2. the frame is filled with high-density comfort foam;
3. the lenses also have UV protection;
4. multiple air holes in front of the mask, the air holes are covered by sponges;
5. the goggles are decorated with a triangular logo, making the mask more stylish and beautiful;
6. motorcycle goggles with removable face shield.

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Motocross helmet face mask features a TPU frame with excellent toughness and bending properties.It can bend up to 90°,making the goggles less susceptible to damage even when subjected to pressure and impact.This ensures the durability and longevity of the goggles,even in intense outdoor cycling sports or harsh environments can also perform well.

The frame of these goggles is filled with high-density comfort foam.This foam effectively relieves pressure on the face and provides a comfortable fit.It also helps to absorb sweat,so you can keep your face dry and comfortable during long rides,especially in the winter when riding outdoors,the goggle mask can better protect you from cold wind damage.

At the same time,the PC lenses of the goggles have UV protection.This feature effectively protects your eyes from UV damage and reduces eye damage and fatigue that may be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

The front of the mask is equipped with multiple ventilation holes,and covered by a sponge.This design serves multiple purposes.First,it helps filter dust and impurities in the air,preventing them from entering the interior of the goggles. Secondly,it ensures good air circulation,reducing fogging and keeping a clear view.Finally,it avoids lens fogging by preventing direct airflow to the lenses.

The triangular logo decoration is added on both sides of the round hole of the goggle mask to make the mask more fashionable and beautiful.These decorations not only add a fashion element to the product,but also provide additional ventilation features.They enhance breathability and ensure that you can stay comfortable even during intense riding sports.

motocross helmet face mask mo006-1


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors