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Motorcycle Vintage Helmet Mask Detachable MO001-4

1. Goggle frame material is TPU, flexible;
2. the lens is PC material, anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-UV;
3. skull visor using TT material, removable design;
4. goggle mask elastic headband can be adjusted.

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Motorcycle vintage helmet mask frame material is TPU,it has soft and strong characteristics,flexibility is very strong,even if you bend it at will,it will not leave creases,in addition to durability and resistance to breakage.The frame can also provide you with a comfortable fit,and your face fits perfectly and has the performance of cushioning pressure.

Also,the lenses of this mask are made of PC material,which can be bent at will and has anti-scratch,anti-fog and UV protection properties.This can ensure that your eyes are well protected from scratches,fog and harmful UV rays,thus maintaining your clear vision and enhancing the safety of your ride.

The skull face shield is made of high quality TT material with a removable design.This makes it easy to remove the goggles from the visor on different occasions.You can use the goggles alone or in combination with the mask to achieve full protection.

A vent is designed in the middle tooth area of the mask to promote internal air circulation.In addition,the front of the mask is equipped with several vents covered by sponge.This design helps filter dust and particles from the air,ensuring proper airflow and maintaining a clear view.

Among other things,the elastic headband of the goggle mask is adjustable,so you can easily customize the fit to your head size.It is compatible with a wide range of head sizes and can be used comfortably in conjunction with motorcycle helmets.

The skull motorcycle mask is not limited to motorcycle riding. It can also be used for off-road biking, hiking,horseback riding,jungle CF games,military applications,and a variety of other outdoor activities.

In addition,it can also be used as a reliable device for paintball,air cushion and similar games that offer protection and style.


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors