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Orange Dirt Bike Goggles Mo023

1.PC lens material,anti-fog,anti-scratch,anti-UV;
2.TPU high-quality ductile frame, impact resistance,scratch resistance;
3.Add a small module design to the bottom right of the frame for customizing the logo;
4.Adjustable anti-slip elastic wide width,suitable for off-road helmet;
5.Three layers of sponges in the veneer area,soft,breathable and sweat-absorbing;
6.Detachable nose rack,suitable for multiple scenarios.

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dirt bike goggles lens is ultra HD lens,is broken and impact resistant PC material,lens is very thin,can bend at will,will not leave creases,can be waterproof, dust,100% UV protection,provide the greatest protection,while giving you the most clear,the most accurate vision.

Provide simple lens replacement function,interchangeable lens,convenient for you to use in different occasions,to meet your outdoor cycling experience.

Dirt bike goggles are easy to carry and super lightweight,so they won’t burden your travel, and you can fit them into your goggle glasses bag wherever you go.

The tpu material frame has three layers of foam all-channel vents at the top and bottom,which help to expel heat from the inside of the lens,providing a fog-free cycling experience,air vents to increase circulation,maximize moisture removal,prevent fog buildup in the goggles,and it has a unique material that is resistant to breaking and scratching,which you can use for a long time.

And the dual injection frame construction maximizes strength and durability.Contour compression seal technology to maintain the balance of motorcycle goggles.

Motorcycle helmet goggles feature high elastic wide adjustable straps to prevent skidding when used,adjustable straps to fit securely on the head for any helmet and any size head type.

The motocross goggles interior design of the bendable OTG frame provides you with a clear and open view and the most unique nose,allowing you to relax your eyes easily.

The nose pad can be removed to protect your nose,and the nose pad can be changed in different types and colors to meet your needs.

Motorcycle goggles are versatile and can be used by different groups of people,as well as car enthusiasts and off-road enthusiasts.Great for outdoor sports such as motorcycling, kitesurfing,jet skiing,cross-country, paintball,beach riding,etc.

orange dirt bike goggles mo023


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors