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Polarized Motorcross Goggles MO007-1

1.PC lens has good impact resistance;
2.tpu material frame, durable and high resistance;
3. There is sponge filler above the frame to accelerate the air flow;
4. The headband is made of widened knitted cotton headband, which is fashionable and simple in design.

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Motorbike goggles lenses are made of PC materials,which have good impact resistance and greatly reduce the weight of the lenses due to their high refractive index and light specific gravity.At the same time,the use of full-screen design,the field of vision is wide and clear,but also can prevent ultraviolet anti-fog,long-term use does not fade or break.

The use of tpu material frame,so that the goggles frame is not only durable,high resistance,can be twisted freely and not easy to break.And the frame through the water dyeing process,goggles more cool and beautiful.

motorbike goggles are breathable with spongy padding above their frames to prevent dust or small particles from entering through the air vents.It also speeds up the flow of air inside the goggles,allowing you to breathe more easily.

The headband is made of widened knitted cotton headband,with a fashion and simple design.After stretching,the white background will not leak.The logo of the headband can be customized,and the tightness of the headband can be adjusted freely according to the size of the head.

polarized motorcross goggles mo007-1




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TPU Frame + PC Lens