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Red Dirt Bike Goggles MO016

1.PC lens material,anti-fog,anti-scratch,anti-UV;
2.TPU high-quality ductile frame,anti-impact;
3.Adjustable anti-slip elastic broadband,suitable for off-road helmet;
4.Breathable soft sponge layer,absorbent sweat;
5.The nose holder is designed with open hole,making it more comfortable to wear.

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Red dirt bike goggles Lens with high resistance PC material,with durable anti-resistance,waterproof,anti-scratch,anti-wind sand and anti-UV characteristics,it can well protect your eyes safety,let you experience high-definition wide vision.

dirt bike goggles can be used for a variety of applications:off-road vehicles,motorcycles,motocross,racing,mountain bikes,off-road vehicles,ATVs,motorboats,outdoor sports,cycling,air cushions,paintball shooting,ATVs,motorboats,etc.The frame design and extra long adjustable shoulder straps are perfect for motorcycle helmets.

The motorcycle goggles are made of tpu high toughness frames that buffer pressure and are resistant to attack,water,scratch and breakage.

At the same time,in front of the frame,we add a small module that can customize the logo,so that you can customize your own brand logo.

In addition,in the upper and lower parts of the frame,the design of air vents is designed to increase the air permeability of the goggles,but also to reduce the precooling of the lenses.

The motocross goggles headband is designed with a clip-on style to maintain the maximum balance of the goggles during wearing,and secondly to remove the goggles headband for easy cleaning or replacement of your preferred color.The size of the headband is about 45mm,making it comfortable to wear.

The nose holder is designed with open holes,which can increase the entry of natural wind and speed up the outflow of hot air inside.It is cool and comfortable to wear.

red dirt bike goggles mo016


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors