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Water Dyed Frame Dirt Bike Goggles MO004

Type: Motocross/Off-road/Mountain/Dirt Bike/Mx
Application: Suitable for motocross racing, MX, off-road riding, dirt bike riding, ATV, UTV, adventure riding, and desert crossing, etc., outdoor activities
Supply Capacity: Monthly output of 100,000 units, serving major brands as OEM
Delivery Time: Custom orders: 15-35 days, depending on quantity
Wholesale Price: Determined by purchase quantity
Minimum Custom Order Quantity: Starting at 300 pieces, with a minimum of 100 pieces per color
Standard Packaging: OPP bag + white inner box + outer carton
Customization Services: Support OEM and ODM

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The water-dyed frame dirt bike goggles share the same lens materials as the Mo004 model, featuring PC reinforced lenses. These lenses offer exceptional impact resistance, scratch resistance, and are not prone to cracking. Moreover, they block harmful ultraviolet light, ensuring effective eye protection. The lenses can also undergo electroplating to achieve different colors based on individual preferences.

Goggles feature a TPU material frame with a water-dyeing process, combining sturdiness and durability with flexibility for comfortable wear. The overall design of the goggles is fashionable, generous, cool, and eye-catching.

The interior area of the off-road goggles incorporates a three-layer sponge layer. When you wear the goggles, the sponge cushion provides a comfortable, non-squeezing feel. The sponge layer efficiently absorbs sweat from your forehead and face, enhancing the overall comfort of the goggles.

Additionally, the off-road vehicle goggles boast a double-hole ventilation design at the upper and lower parts, facilitating quick exhaust of internal hot air, promoting airflow, and preventing discomfort during extended wear.

These goggles are equipped with a high-elastic day-adjustable soft belt, offering adjustable sizing to accommodate various head types and effectively preventing the goggles from sliding at will. Elevate your off-road experience with these versatile and stylish dirt bike goggles.

water dyed frame dirt bike goggles mo004


17.6*10cm(Adult Size), Kids Size Need to be Customized


Available Colors + Customization Requests




TPU Frame + PC Lens