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Water Dyed Frame Dirt Bike Goggles MO004

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The lens materials of the water dyed frame dirt bike goggles are the same as those of mo004.They are PC reinforced lenses.The lenses are not only impact resistant,scratch resistant,and not easy to crack,but also block ultraviolet and other harmful light,effectively protecting the eyes.This lens can also be added with electroplating technology,and different colors can be plated according to different needs.

For the selection of the frame, the frame of our dirt bike goggles is made of tpu material,and water dyeing process is added.The frame is not only sturdy and durable,but also can be easily twisted and worn comfortably.And the whole pair of goggles is fashionable,generous,cool and dazzling.

The interior area of off-road goggles adopts a three-layer sponge layer d0When you wear the goggles,you will not feel squeezed when touching the sponge cushion,and the sponge layer can absorb sweat from your forehead and face,making it comfortable to wear.

In addition,the goggles of this off-road vehicle have a double hole ventilation design at the upper and lower parts,which can quickly exhaust the internal hot air,speed up the air flow,and won’t feel stuffy after long wear.

goggles are worn with high elastic day adjustable soft belt,and the size of wearing is adjustable,which is suitable for people with different head types and can effectively prevent goggles from sliding at will.

water dyed frame dirt bike goggles mo004




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TPU Frame + PC Lens