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Water Dyed Frame Off Road Goggles MO008

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Water dyed frame off road goggles lens for PC material,with high resistance,HD,scratch resistant,not easy to break and durable characteristics,the use of full lens large field of vision design,a wider field of vision,lens surface through special processing,can prevent harmful light damage to the eyes.

This motorcycle goggles holder is made of tpu material,which is light,resilient,anti-fall and not easy to damage.The appearance of the frames is made by water dyeing process,which makes the goggles more gorgeous and cool.

A nose holder is added under the frame to protect your nose when you use safety goggles.

The full-performance ventilation design is adopted on the top and bottom of the frame,which is conducive to increasing the flow of the internal space,preventing stuffy and uncomfortable, and ensuring smooth internal breathing.

And off road goggles veneer area,the use of environmental soft sponge,with good elasticity,comfortable wear,no sense of pressure.

The headband is made of knitted cotton and dyed with water.It can be adjusted according to demand.It will not feel squeezed for a long time to ensure that you wear comfortably.

water dyed frame off road goggles mo008




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TPU Frame + PC Lens