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Youth ATV Goggles MO009

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Youth atv goggles HD lens,clear vision,lens into the special process so that the lens is UV proof,anti scratch and anti scratch,anti wind sand,practical strong,panoramic vision.

The frame is made of tpu material,which has high resistance,is not easy to break and can be twisted freely.In the middle of the frame,logo can be designed to meet the needs of customization.

A sponge layer is added on the top of the atv goggles frame.The sponge layer is soft and breathable,which can protect you from dust or sand entering through the air vent when using goggles.It can protect your health and smooth breathing.

And the veneer area and nose pad add comfortable sponge cushion,so that you wear comfortable,goodbye pressure,but also conducive to absorb sweat.And the internal space is large enough,can use the card slot design,reserved for myopia glasses card,to meet the different needs of myopia users.

The material of the headband is knitted high elastic soft belt,which is fixed on the frame through the car line.It will not be pulled off at will.On the outside of the headband,the water dyeing process is selected,and the headband is cool and fashionable with atv goggles.

youth atv goggles mo009




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TPU Frame + PC Lens