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Youth Dirt Bike Goggles MO006

1. The lens is made of PC material;
2. The goggles frame adopts tpu elastic rubber;
3. At the top of the goggles, the ventilation skylight is used to keep the air flowing;
4. The veneer area uses a breathable and soft sponge layer;
5. The belt is made of high elastic material with adjustable tightness.

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Youth dirt bike goggles lens is made of PC material,which is impact resistant and scratch resistant.The lens surface is specially treated,which can be highly resistant,crack resistant,fog resistant and ultraviolet resistant,and can effectively resist the impact of flying sand and gravel.Moreover,the lens has good light transmission,good radian increases the flow linearity of the goggles,reduces the wind resistance,and has clear vision and beautiful personality.

goggles frame is made of tpu elastic rubber,which is not easy to break under external impact,and can also keep the frame from breaking at low temperature.Moreover,frameless design is adopted for the upper,lower,left and right parts of the frame,which not only looks beautiful,but also can quickly replace the lens.

At the top of the dirt bike goggles,a ventilation sunroof is used to keep the air flowing and prevent the lenses from fogging.At the same time,it can effectively increase the internal air circulation,so that you will not feel stuffy when wearing,and your breathing will be smooth.

The a-shaped face of the goggles has not been designed as a nose pad.The breathable and soft sponge layer is delicate and comfortable.The sponge layer can also absorb sweat,and it will not feel uncomfortable or oppressive when wearing.

The headband is made of highly elastic elastic material,and the tightness is adjustable.It can be adjusted according to the size of the head when wearing to prevent the goggles from sliding.

youth dirt bike goggles mo006




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TPU Frame + PC Lens