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Youth Moto Goggles MO013

1. the lens material of youth moto goggles is PC lens;
2. frame material is TPU;
3. sponge layer is laid inside and outside the frame;
4. headband with elastic non-slip color band;
5. Objective lens nosepiece integrated design.

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The lens material of youth moto goggles is PC lens,PC lens usually has high impact resistance and wear resistance,which can effectively protect the eyes from external objects.

The frame material is TPU,which is a durable and flexible material that will not break even when bent at will,making it the preferred material for goggle frames,providing you with good structural support and a comfortable goggle wear.

The moto goggle frame is covered with a sponge layer both inside and outside.The sponge layer serves to increase the fit of the goggles to the face,while reducing the pressure of the goggles on the face,while also providing additional comfort and preventing dust and other contaminants from entering the goggles.

The headband uses an elastic non-slip colored band,which is designed to ensure that the goggles are not easily slipped or loosened during the ride,keeping the goggles on the head in a stable wearing condition.

The nose bridge frame and goggles are an integrated design, which means they cannot be removed.This design is designed to provide better structural stability and overall sturdiness of the goggles.Ensuring better protection for your face during your ride.

youth moto goggles mo013


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors