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Youth Mx Goggles Mo017

1.PC lens material,anti-fog,anti-scratch,anti-UV;
2.The lens can be removed quickly;
3.TPU high-quality ductile frame,anti-impact;
4.Adjustable anti-slip elastic broadband,suitable for off-road helmet;
5.Breathable soft sponge layer,absorbent sweat;
6.The nose holder is designed with open hole,making it more comfortable to wear.

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This stylish youth motocross goggles feature an imported PC lens that is more durable than ordinary resin lenses. It is resistant to breakage, lightweight, and comes with anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-impact features, providing enhanced eye protection. The motorcycle goggles have a processed surface with fully reflective coating on the lenses, offering 100% UV protection and excellent light transmission. They are more rugged and durable than other dirt bike goggles, boasting a 25% VLT rating.

Moreover, the lens is replaceable, with a replacement mechanism set on both sides for easy removal and replacement with lenses of different colors or functions. The high-quality TPU material used for the frame enhances its strength and resilience.

The frame ensures good air permeability, aided by internal vents for heat dissipation. A wide field of view provides the best visual experience, and the frame can bend inward while resisting yellowing and oxidation, significantly extending its lifespan. The internal features of the motorcycle goggles include OTG (over the glasses) compatibility and a card slot for use with prescription glasses.

These off-road goggles are super lightweight with a flexible frame, easily fitting into a goggle pouch and taking up minimal space, making them convenient for travel.

ATV motocross goggles have a soft padded breathable sponge layer above and below the frame, offering comfort, sweat absorption, and anti-slip properties. This design reduces vibration and friction during riding, ensuring a comfortable experience.

The goggles are compatible with any helmet with an extra-long elastic strap, thanks to adjustable straps suitable for various ages and head sizes.

Additionally, a nose rest design has been added, which is detachable for nose protection during outdoor cross-country riding. The nose rest can be removed for daily life, allowing easier breathing and a more comfortable fit.

These outdoor goggles are suitable for motorcycle riding, off-road biking, racing, outdoor sports, cycling, mountain biking, BMX, ATV, and other outdoor activities.

youth mx goggles mo017


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors