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Cool Ski Goggles For Men JL011





This rimless high-definition mens ski goggles using double-layer coated fog proof polycarbonate lenses to prevent lens condensation caused by the hot air exhaled from the body and the cold air outside,so as to ensure that your ski vision is clear,while reducing the harm of harmful light to your eyes and avoiding snow blindness.

The snow goggles frame tpu is made of tough and soft material,which is durable and not easy to break.It can effectively cushion the pressure generated on the opposite side during impact.The two-way vent design on the mirror frame can avoid condensation of the lens.The odor free sponge barrier layer is added to the exhaust hole to prevent foreign matters from entering the nose from the exhaust hole.A small oval area is added above the frame to facilitate the lens replacement.At the same time,for fitting the face,we adopt a three-layer memory sponge design,which makes you feel delicate and comfortable,leaving you feeling squeezed.

In the interior space,our ski goggles can be used as OTC glasses,so we don’t have to worry about wearing myopia presbyopia.With buckle mirror belt,the buckle of the mirror belt can be adjusted freely,which is comfortable to wear without cutting the head,stable and not easy to shift,ensuring that the eyepiece is not easy to slip off and protect your safety.In addition,we also support OEM/ODM services for lens frames or lenses.It is applicable to children,youth and elderly users.

cool ski goggles for men jl011




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TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens