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Kids Magnetic Ski Goggles JL016-1




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Our kids magnetic ski goggles are engineered for an optimal skiing experience, featuring a double-layer durable coating anti-fog polycarbonate lens that ensures high-definition vision on the slopes. The inner layer is high-definition anti-fog, while the outer layer is both safe and highly resistant, providing clear visibility for an excellent skiing performance.

The outer plating process goes the extra mile, offering UV protection to safeguard your eyes and effectively prevent snow blindness. The detachable lens design, secured by 8 magnetic points, allows for quick and easy lens replacement, enhancing your overall experience.

Crafted with cold-resistant TPU frames, our magnetic ski goggles boast reliable elasticity and outstanding bearing capacity. The impact resistance and shock absorption performance ensure stronger protective effects, while excellent flexibility minimizes facial damage from external impact.

Innovative design features include a double guide air design in the upper and lower parts of the frame, effectively preventing lens condensation and blocking foreign matter from entering through the exhaust hole.

The goggles’ veneer arc is tailored for western face shapes, ensuring comfort and preventing air from entering the nose bridge. Three layers of breathable memory sponge on the veneer effectively eliminate moisture, introduce dry air, and prevent water vapor atomization, ensuring your safety and clear vision.

For added convenience, our magnetic ski goggles feature installable myopia glasses on the inside, relieving concerns for those with myopia or presbyopia. The high-elastic cotton ribbon of the mirror belt, equipped with increased anti-slip glue stability points, effectively disperses head pressure and ensures goggles stability during dynamic movements.

Additionally, we offer OEM/ODM services for frames or lenses, allowing you to customize the ski goggles with any color of your choice. Suitable for children, young adults, and the elderly, our ski goggles are your reliable companion for a safe and enjoyable skiing adventure!

kids magnetic ski goggles jl016-1




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TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens