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Polarized HD Ski Goggles JL014





HD skiing goggles adopts spherical lens,170 ultra-wide field of vision,all the beautiful scenery you can see,double-layer coating anti-fog polycarbonate lens,anti-coagulation effect is good,but also can protect your eyes from UV damage, reduce the risk of snow blindness.


Use our polarized hd ski goggles to enhance your skiing experience. The spherical lens technology and 170° ultra-wide field of view allow you to immerse yourself in the magnificent scenery of the ski resort. The double-layer coating on the anti-fog polycarbonate lenses not only ensures clear visibility of your surroundings, but also has excellent anti-coagulation properties, effectively protecting your eyes from UV damage and minimizing the risk of snow blindness.

Our ski goggles are designed with your comfort and safety in mind, with six horizontal holes at the top of the lens. Not only does this enhance airflow so you can breathe freely, it also prevents fogging and ensures unobstructed views of the snowy landscape. The thick TPU frame offers unparalleled durability and break resistance, providing strong impact protection while maintaining excellent flexibility to absorb pressure and reduce potential facial damage in the event of a fall.

To further enhance your skiing experience, we’ve added layers of sponge to the upper and lower parts of the frame to prevent lens condensation and prevent foreign matter from entering through the vents. The three-layer memory foam design in the veneer area ensures a wider, softer and more comfortable fit, meeting the needs of people with myopia or presbyopia without compromising performance.

polarized hd ski goggles jl014




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TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens