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UV Protection Frameless Ski Goggles JL020



Fit (Head Size): Universal
Lens material: PC
Frame material: TPU
Mask material:PP


Frameless pink ski goggles lenses are made of double-layer anti fog polycarbonate material,which is durable and highly resistant,and can avoid eye damage caused by lens fragmentation due to impact.The oversized frameless lenses also open your vision in high-definition. UV400 protection protects your eyes from harmful light.

The anti tpu frame is selected to prevent collision and impact,effectively buffering the pressure caused by impact.The ski goggles frame is designed to circulate and ventilate air up and down to speed up the internal air flow,which can prevent the lens from leaving blurred water droplets and affecting the ski experience.

In the veneer area,we have adopted a three-layer sponge design,which can reduce the pressure on the opposite side of the snow goggles frame,and also absorb the sweat flowing from the face to improve comfort.

The myopic card slot is reserved inside the goggles,and the nearsighted glasses can be stuck inside the snow goggles to meet the needs of different users.

For the eye protection lens belt,choose the black head wear without label,and four irregular dot anti slip adhesive to prevent the ski goggles from sliding at will under jumping or fierce sports,so as to protect your safety.

Our pink ski goggles lenses all support the real electroplating and imitation electroplating processes,and support the printing of logos.Customers are welcome to call or write to inquire.

uv protection frameless ski goggles jl020

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm



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TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens