JL Sportglasses

Bicycle Riding Glasses SP020

1. Polaroid lenses, high definition, UV protection;
2. PC material half frame design;
3. PC mirror legs can be easily removed;
4. Rubber nosepiece with better anti-slip effect.


Bicycle riding glasses are meticulously crafted with advanced Polaroid HD lenses, providing comprehensive eye protection and minimizing fatigue. Effortlessly switch between various lens colors to adapt swiftly to changing weather conditions.

The frames, constructed from durable and impact-resistant PC material, guarantee the sunglasses’ longevity without the risk of breakage over time. The clear frame design adds an elegant touch, making your cycling sunglasses stand out in the crowd.

For enhanced comfort, the rubberized nosepiece ensures a non-slip effect without leaving residual marks after prolonged use. Easy to clean and adjustable, it fits perfectly on your nose, ensuring comfort and stability throughout your ride. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of sunglasses slipping or sliding.

Every detail has been meticulously considered for your riding pleasure — from the rubber inlaid temples ensuring superior slip resistance to the overall functionality that keeps the sunglasses firmly in place even during the most demanding rides. Immerse yourself in dedicated and stylish cycling with the perfect combination of form and functionality.

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PC Frame + Polaroid Lens