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Running Cycling Sunglasses UC06-1



1. Polaroid lenses, UV protection.
2. tr90 large frame, light weight, impact resistance, good protection.
3. Rubber nosepiece is non-slip.
4. Built-in myopia glasses ring.


Embrace the ultimate cycling experience with our newly designed oversized full-frame UV anti-glare running cycling sunglasses. These sunglasses feature PC lenses with a precision plating process on the surface, effectively protecting your eyes from UV rays, glare, wind, and sand.

The frame, crafted from high-quality PC material with a meticulous painting process, enhances the sunglasses’ beauty and durability, resisting sweat corrosion for a longer service life.

To boost safety during rides, the rubberized nosepiece has a fixed and non-removable design, preventing glasses movement while riding and ensuring a secure ride.

Additionally, we’ve addressed diverse user needs by specially designing a built-in myopia card slot. This slot allows myopic users to customize prescription glasses lenses easily. The application is simple and direct, convenient to remove when not in use, without affecting the normal use of riding glasses.

Rubber anti-slip strips in the same color as the nosepiece wrap the ends of the temples, adding a fashion sense to the glasses and providing extra anti-slip protection for stability during sports. These glasses are suitable not only for outdoor cycling but also for various activities such as fishing and running, catering to both men and women. Enjoy the sun-drenched outdoor sports with these fashionable, generous, safe, and reliable glasses.

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TR90 Frame + Polaroid Lens