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Tinted Basketball Goggles JH082



1. PC material lens with rectangular lens design;
2. PC frame and silicone nosepiece in one piece design;
3. soft silicone nosepiece is not removable,vent design;
4. Elastic band with snap design at both ends,adjustable.


Here’s a brief introduction to our newly designed tinted basketball goggles,which provide excellent safety protection for your eyes!

First of all, the lens material of our tinted basketball goggles is high quality PC material and the lens shape is oval design.Aesthetically pleasing and with a wide field of vision,the lenses are easily removable and you can replace them with near vision lenses as needed.This ensures that players with prescription glasses can maintain optimal vision on the court.

Secondly,the frames of basketball glasses are made of high quality PC material and have good durability and impact resistance.The surface of the frame is painted to extend the life and beauty of the glasses,and the frame can also be water-dyed,making the glasses fashionable and trendy to replace.In addition,the weight of these basketball glasses is only 45.6g,long time wearing will not feel tired,and the unique design is the nose rest and frame by the silicone link integrated molding,the frame will not break at will bending.This provides you with flexibility and security.

At the same time,the goggles have a soft silicone nosecup,seamlessly integrated with the frame to ensure comfort and safety.Both sides of the nosecup are designed with ventilation to promote air circulation and reduce fogging during intense exercise.However,it is important to note that the nosecup is not removable.

Finally,to achieve perfect goggle comfort and safety,our goggles are equipped with a headband that is wrapped with soft silicone on both sides.This provides a plush,comfortable feel,while also providing slip resistance and impact resistance.The side buckle design includes two vents that further enhance ventilation and air flow.The headband can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

tinted basketball goggles jh082


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