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Youth Basketball Glasses JH070







The lens of youth basketball glasses is made of explosion-proof high-quality PC material,explosion-proof characteristics,high impact resistance,not easy to break,the surface of the lens after a special anti-fog coating,when wearing the lens is not easy to fog,better dribbling experience,to protect your safety.

The frame is made of PC quality material,impact resistant, not easy to break,good toughness,and the use of slot design,ventilation and good ventilation,widen the field of view,more comfortable to wear.At the same time,the frame is painted to show the quality and beauty.

In basketball glasses eyebrow bar and nosepiece,the choice of soft silicone,cushioning effect,to prevent strong external impact,effective protection of facial safety.In addition,the nosepiece convex slot nosepiece design,convenient for you to remove and install.

And in the goggles on both sides of the use of high-quality rubber material,high elasticity,soft and tough,more comfortable to wear.At the same time,can be freely removed and replaced.

The headband of basketball glasses goggles is made of elastic material with adjustable design, and the buckle on the headband can be adjusted at will,so you can wear it comfortably without tightness.

youth basketball glasses jh070


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