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Youth Basketball Goggles JH063







Youth basketball goggles lens using anti-violence PC piece,good impact resistance,under the impact of external forces,the lens is not easy to break,better protection of your eye safety.

The nosepiece is made of high quality silicone material,soft and non-toxic,pressure resistant,corrosion resistant and durable.The nosepiece is reasonably designed to have an exhausting and breathable effect,while effectively cushioning the nasal bridge from various impacts in sports.

The soft silicone pad on the side of basketball goggles not only cushions the pressure of the glasses on both sides of the face,but also prevents the glasses from sliding around,protects the face, resists friction,keeps the face fresh and breathable,and is comfortable to wear.

The headband of basketball goggles is made of highly elastic knitted tape,with good elasticity and natural rebound from random stretching,and the headband is the right size in width,without strangulation marks for a long time,making it more comfortable to wear.At the same time in the two wings of the glasses and headband position using the snap design,headband replacement is easy and convenient.

youth basketball goggles jh063



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