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Black Motocross Goggles MO021

1. the color of the frame is black,while the color of the lens is transparent colo;
2. the lenses are made of PC;
3. the veneer part of the goggles uses three layers of sponge;
4. the upper and lower parts of the frame use sponge pads;
5. Loose band using non-slip elastic good material.

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The black motocross goggles have a black frame color and clear lens color.The frames are made of TPU.This TPU material is durable,tough and flexible,ensuring that the goggles maintain support stability and comfortable wear under intense exercise.And effectively reduce the severity of injuries in the event of a collision.

The lenses are made of PC,a clear material with high impact resistance and abrasion resistance.In addition,the lenses are removable and can be easily replaced or cleaned.This goggle lens color is clear,you can customize different lenses (polarized,gradient) according to demand.

The veneer part of the goggles is made of three layers of sponge.This design helps to improve wearing comfort and moisture wicking performance,while also reducing the impact of external shocks and debris on the eyes and filtering dust particles from the air.

And in the upper and lower parts of the frame using sponge pads,this design helps prevent dust and impurities from entering the goggles,keeping the lenses clear and providing additional comfort.

The wide elastic band is made of a good non-slip elastic material and can be adjusted in length to fit different head circumference and helmet sizes.This design ensures that the goggles are securely fastened to the helmet,preventing them from slipping off easily.

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Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors