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Lightweight Moto Mask MO010-1

1. Moto maks adopt high quality TPU frame;
2. small squares on the frame for easy addition of logo;
3. scratch-resistant PC lenses;
4. ventilation openings designed in the middle and on both sides of the nosepiece;
5. non-slip high elasticity wide adjustable belt;
6. soft foam pads added to the upper and lower parts of the frame and the veneer area.

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Our Lightweight moto mask allow you to experience safety,comfort and durability.To meet the needs of off-road enthusiasts,we have designed the goggles to meet the needs of riders as much as possible,and added practical features to ensure riders can use their riding skills to their best performance in any terrain.Let’s explore the features that make our this goggles mask:

Our moto goggles use high quality TPU frame,which is very tough and elastic,and is one of the many riders with this material frame goggles.At the same time,the frame of this premium tpu material provides excellent durability,enabling the goggles to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures while maintaining their shape and function.

In addition.we added a small area above the frame for easy signage placement or personalized decals.Customize your goggles to promote your brand.

this goggles mask PC lens performance is very strong.It is a relatively mature lens material,it is scratch-resistant,provides excellent protection against accidental injury,anti-vertigo,anti-UV,protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.In addition,the lenses are windproof,dustproof,and shatterproof,and ensure that they provide a high degree of transparency,giving you a clear view of your surroundings after wearing them.

At the same time.we added vents to the brackets in the middle and sides of the nose rest to optimize airflow in the goggles.This design improves air permeability and comfort,prevents fogging and maintains a clear view.In addition,the sponge layer filters dust from the air and also absorbs water mist, allowing you to adapt to different riding conditions with goggles.

non-slip high elastic wide adjustable headband to ensure a safe and comfortable fit for any helmet.The headband is versatile and can be dyed according to the color of the frame.At the same time,the headband can be printed with a logo to make the goggles stylish and beautiful.

Because moto goggles mask are worn directly on the head,so we prioritized comfort while wearing them,which is why we added soft spongy pads to the upper and lower parts of the frame and the veneer area.This innovative design promotes ventilation and moisture absorption,keeping your face cool,dry and comfortable on long rides.Soft padding ensures comfort and minimizes pressure points so you don’t feel squeezed.

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Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors