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Motocross Goggles for Glasses PG003-2

1.PC lens,high resistance,anti-fog,anti-UV;
2.170° arc lens,wide vision,clear;
3.TPU frame:Good toughness,can buffer pressure;
4.45mm wide anti-slip high elasticity,stable and firm,suitable for cross-country helmet;
5.Injection molding headband with double buckle:safety goggles more stable;
6.Nails can be installed on lenses and headband.

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Motocross goggle With a 170-degree wide-angle face anti-fog lens,our goggles provide a crystal-clear view without any distortion or fog.Enjoy clear and uninterrupted views of your surroundings no matter the weather or terrain,with a wide field of vision and high-definition lenses allowing you to see every obstacle,corner and jump,ensuring you never miss a beat.

The 2mm thick PC lens can withstand heavy impacts and attacks,ensuring maximum protection for your eyes while also protecting you from harmful UV rays,sand and water.moto goggles TPU High Resistance soft frame offers extreme comfort without putting stress on your face,while also providing durability and strength.

Our motocross safety goggles are designed to meet your needs.With the laminated tear off layer feature,even in the most challenging outdoor muddy road riding conditions,this means you can easily replace a dirty or scratched outer lens guard without removing the entire goggle lens,and at the same time,you can easily remove mud or other dirt from the guard.

A three-layer sweat-proof soft breathable sponge ensures your comfort while ensuring a rapid flow of air inside the goggles,keeping the goggles dry and free of condensation that can affect vision,enabling you to focus more on the motor riding experience and wear comfortably without worrying about any distractions.

motorcycles goggles 45mm non-slip High elasticity broadband adjustable detachable band ensures safety and comfort to keep your nose safe and at the same time,nose rests can be removed during daily riding for added comfort.

The accessories of our goggles can be customized,such as lens,frame,headband,nose rest,sponge layer,etc.You are welcome to customize according to your preference.

Our motocross goggles for glasses are suitable for all kinds of street sports motorcycles,ATV,street motorcycles,street motorcycles,sea motorcycles,street touring motorcycles,dirt bikes.Whether you are an amateur cyclist or a professional cyclist,our safety goggles are a good choice for everyone.


Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors