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Motorcycle Skull Mask MO010-2

1. High quality TPU frame with good toughness and elasticity;
2. You can add your own brand logo;
3. Add vents above and below the skull mask frame;
4. PC lenses are scratch-proof, UV-proof and wind-proof;
5. lenses can be easily removed;
6. goggles and skull mask are removable;
7. skull mask with air guide holes in the middle;
8. soft foam padding added to the frame and veneer area;
9. suitable for any helmet.

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The frame of this motorcycle skull mask is the TPU,which has excellent toughness and elasticity.You can bend them at will without distorting the frame,and this durable material ensures that the goggles can withstand the demands of motorcycle riding,providing impact resistance,durability and wear resistance.

a small block at the top of the frame specifically designed to add your own brand identity.Personalize your goggles to showcase your unique style and identity,or promote your brand.

Another feature of the goggles is the design of vents above and below the frame,which promote efficient outflow of hot air and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the goggles.Keeping your goggles cool and comfortable while wearing them,the airy design also prevents the lenses from fogging and ensures clear vision during the ride.

In addition,the lens material of the goggles is made of The PC lens has excellent performance,including scratch resistance,UV protection,wind proof, waterproof and so on.With these features,lenses can protect your eyes from debris,harmful UV rays,wind and water,while maintaining good visibility.
Plus,the goggles’ lenses can be easily removed,allowing you to change between different lens colors depending on your preferences or riding conditions.

The goggles and skull mask can be detachable so that you can ride in a variety of situations.Whether you prefer the goggles and mask together or on their own,you can customize your gear accordingly.

And the skull mask has an air deflector in the middle to ensure breathability and comfort during your ride.The design promotes airflow and reduces heat buildup and moisture accumulation.

Also,for increased comfort,we added soft sponge filler to the upper and lower frames of the goggles as well as the veneer area.This innovative design provides ventilation,moisture absorption,and a soft,cushioned feel that improves overall comfort during long periods of use.

Our motorcycle mask comes with non-slip high elastic wide adjustable band.This band ensures a safe and comfortable fit for any helmet, providing additional stability and confidence during your riding.Headbands can also be dyed to match the color of the frame,providing a cohesive and stylish look.

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Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors