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Retro Mx Goggles PG004

1. Lens material is PC, single layer lens can be removed.
2. The frame is made of high tenacity tpu material.
3. The veneer area is a single layer of soft sponge cushion.

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Our retro mx goggles are brand new this year, it features UV, sand and dust protection goggles that provide excellent protection for the safety of your eyes, and the HD lenses allow you to maintain a clear view and fashionable style in all kinds of outdoor activities.
In addition, the lenses offer superior impact resistance and durability. The single-layer lens can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement, prolonging the life of the goggles.

And the frame is made of high toughness TPU material, which can withstand harsh environments and protect your face from damage. Our frames are designed with cut-outs on the top and bottom to speed up the flow of heat inside and also filter dust from the air to ensure that you can breathe freely. Additionally, four small holes in the top and bottom of the front of the frame are designed to help further improve ventilation, keeping you cool even in sweltering weather conditions.

And, for customer branding, we’ve left a small template on the top of the frame for you to personalize with your logo, making the goggles not only a functional product, but also a way to show off your personality and branding.

A single layer of soft foam padding is utilized in the fit area, which not only relieves pressure on your face, but also prevents dirt from getting into the lenses and absorbs sweat to keep you dry and comfortable.

The polyester elastic band of the goggles can be easily adjusted to ensure the tightness of your wear, so that the goggles closely fit your head, to meet your outdoor riding experience, in addition, the elastic band is articulated with leather on both sides, which not only increases the durability, but also adds a noble and stylish style to the goggles.

Whether you are riding, motorcycle or outdoor adventure, our goggles will become your indispensable partner. Choose quality, choose style, choose our goggles, let your eyes always shine.

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Lens color + frame color can be customized


TPU Frame +PC Lens,you can customize colors