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Anti Fog OTG Ski Goggles JL012

1. The lens of otg ski goggles adopts panoramic double-layer polycarbonate;
2. The frame is made of tpu material;
3. Four air holes at the top and bottom of the frame;
4. Three-layer elastic soft sponge layer design on the veneer of the goggles;
5. High elastic adjustable belt with buckle is adopted.


This otg ski goggles lens is made of panoramic double-layer polycarbonate,with better anti fog and anti snow blindness effect.The high-definition lens can give you a clear vision.In addition,the symmetrical design of triangular eyelets on the upper left and right of the lens can highlight the beauty of the goggles and speed up the internal air flow.The snow lens is detachable, and can be freely selected according to the coating color you like.

The otg ski goggles frame is made of tpu material with impact resistance design,which can greatly reduce the damage to the opposite side of the wrestling when you are careless.The four air holes at the top and bottom of the frame are designed to effectively solve the problem of dewdrops generated by the lens.

Three layers of highly elastic soft sponge layer are designed at the snow goggles veneer to improve wearing comfort and effectively solve the problem of sweat flowing into the goggles.

In terms of the material selection of the ski goggles Headband,we use a highly elastic adjustable belt with buckle,which can not only easily adjust the wearing tightness,but also make the goggles firmly fixed on your head, helping you to complete the ski exercise.

anti fog otg ski goggles jl012




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TPU Frame + Polycarbonate Lens