JL Sportglasses

Laboratory Goggles

Our laboratory goggles lenses are pc material, which is anti-corrosion, anti-break, and anti-impact. It can effectively prevent liquid splash and protect your eyes. The laboratory goggles adopt a pc wide frame, which is very lightweight, durable, and not easy to fold, suitable for different face shapes. The one-piece or adjustable nose pad design reduces the burden on the bridge of the nose, making it more comfortable and fit. JL Sportglasse lab safety goggles are suitable for industrial, school, hospital laboratories and other scenes.

Elements of Comfortable Laboratory Goggles

While laboratory goggles need to meet ANSI standards, many modern models provide adequate protection without being overly bulky or heavy. JL Sportglasses laboratory goggles are so light that you can’t really tell you’re wearing them. This is a great feature when combating the “uncomfortable” excuse. Lab safety goggles that slide around are uncomfortable and often ineffective. Rubber nose pads greatly reduce this issue and make a big difference when wearing laboratory goggles for a long period of time.

Lab Safety Goggles Tips

To ensure people get the most protection from their lab safety goggles, here are four top tips. First, laboratory goggles should fit snugly to the face surrounding the eyes. Second, for those who wear prescription glasses, choose specially made goggles to wear. Third, replace goggles that have been damaged, including goggles that have been scratched since this can reduce visibility. Finally, combine lab safety goggles with machine guards, such as a fume hood sash to optimize safety.