JL Sportglasses

Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses from JL Sportglasses are not only cutting-edge in design but also durable. On the cycling sunglasses lens, we have achieved excellent breathability without affecting vision, wearing our biking sunglasses will provide you with the best outdoor vision and solve the problem of polarization and glare caused by outdoor sports. For the frame, we usually use pc material, which effectively solves the problem that the sunglasses are bulky and easy to break. For the design of the temples of cycling sunglasses, we have considered adjustable temples and used rubber straps according to different styles to meet the needs of cyclists in different scenarios.

Why Cyclists Need Sunglasses

Cyclists need to protect their eyes. Not just any pair of sunglasses can provide proper protection. Sunglasses are essential, but it is more important to have special sunglasses. You want to be sure you’re using sunglasses designed for cycling. Because of their wider, larger lenses that cover more of your eyes and face, cycling sunglasses can protect your eyes from flying rocks, dirt and other debris that’s blowing in the wind or flying up from the tire of another rider or vehicle. Biking sunglasses also provide more UV protection, and they block the sun from all angles.

How to Choose Cycling Sunglasses

Still wondering how to choose cycling sunglasses? You need to look at three features when you’re shopping for eye protection glasses for bike riding. First, you need to consider what kind of lens color suits your cycling needs. Second, the shape of your lenses may come down to preference and a choice based on your style. But each lens shape offers some sort of protection. Lens colors and shapes are important factors, but so is the frame of your biking sunglasses. Be sure to choose cycling sunglasses with frames that are durable and comfortable.