JL Sportglasses

Welding Goggles

JL Sportglass has designed highly durable protective goggles specifically for professionals in the welding field, ensuring optimal eye protection during welding tasks. Our lenses are crafted from robust PC (Polycarbonate) material, offering excellent impact resistance, minimizing the risk of eye injuries.

What’s more, our welding goggles feature PC frames, allowing easy insertion of prescription lenses to meet various vision needs. The indirect ventilation design of the frames not only addresses issues of moisture and fogging but also ensures a comfortable fit during wear, enabling you to stay focused while welding.

Our welding goggles come with adjustable temples and nose pads to accommodate different face shapes, ensuring both safety and comfort during wear. This means that, regardless of your face shape, you can enjoy a personalized and secure fit.

Furthermore, our welding goggles are suitable for various tasks such as gas welding, soldering, cutting, and more. Whether you’re a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, we offer top-notch eye protection solutions to ensure your safety and comfort while welding. Choose JL Sportglass for professionalism and quality, and provide your eyes with the best protection.

How Welding Goggles Protect Your Eyes

Welding goggles are protective safety glasses designed to shield the eyes from particles and radiation and to provide clear visibility while welding. JL Sportglasses welding glasses are made of durable, impact-resistant material polycarbonate that filters harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the welding torch that can cause blindness. Welding glasses are usually manufactured with a wrap-around design to provide maximum protection from sparks.

Tips for Choosing Welding Goggles

Pay attention to the lens filter when choosing welding goggles. Different welding goggles have different lens filters. The lens filter is a layer that's applied over the lenses. It's designed to absorb or reflect UV light. Therefore, you need to choose welding glasses with the right type of lens filter for your welding application. Also, you should choose welding glasses that fit your head. Otherwise, you may not be able to comfortably wear them. JL Sportglasses welding goggles have adjustable temples that you can tighten or loosen for the perfect fit.